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Free Assignment Checker: Keep Plagiarism At Arm’s Length

The easy access to information on the internet is considered as one of the more significant blessings of the modern era. However, this virtue of the online world has also created several dilemmas specifically for the higher ups of the academic community. Plagiarism - which is the practice of stealing or appropriating someone else’s work - is considered by most academic institutions as an inexcusable offense meriting a strict punishment. In fact, nowadays, more and more universities are implementing stern policies to restrict this abhorrent practice.


We all understand that most assignments require some sort of secondary information and this factor can cause concerns related to plagiarism. But there are several methods you can use to avoid plagiarism altogether.


It is not difficult for you to find the relevant information on the internet. Some might even say that this is the easiest part of the assignment. The trick, however, is to understand all the information and rephrase it into your words. Always remember; copy pasting data without properly quoting the author is a big no if you wish to avoid the charges of plagiarism.


As a student, you probably love nothing more than quoting other authors and who could blame you for this? It is perhaps the most convenient way of filling up your paper and getting it over and done with. But as always, there is a catch. The excessive use of quotations can have detrimental impact on the efficacy for your paper and hence, you should only use quotes when there is no room for paraphrasing.

Citations: Follow Your Institution s guidelines

A surefire way to evade plagiarism is through proper citations. Institutions provides you formatting guidelines that specifies how you should cite the research of other authors. In most cases, you are required to mention the name of authors and date on which there research was published.

The Utility of an Effective Assignment Plagiarism Checker

When it comes checking your final assignment for plagiarism, you can never be too careful. Students often follow every rule in the book to escape plagiarism but sometimes even that is not enough. At the end of the day, the onus is on you to make sure that your assignment is plagiarism free and the best way of doing that is through a potent assignment checker.

How an Assignment Checker Functions

You may have heard of turnitin assignment checker as it one of the most popular tools used by students to examine plagiarism in their assignment. Turntin, along with other assignment checking software operates in an extremely simple manner. Initially, you are required to attach your assignment or paste its text into the program. From there, you submit a request for the program to analyze your assignment and finally, you are provided a detailed report which highlights the copied content and its sources. You are also told what percentage of the document is original.

With Our Assistance, Plagiarism is Avoidable

By utilizing the best assignment similarity checkers available on the market and also some customized tools of our own, we ensure that plagiarism remains a nonissue for the students who acquire our services. With us, you can get an extensive assignment in the shortest periods of time without ever worrying about the possibility of any plagiarism. And this is not it. We will check your assignment for plagiarism for free. WOWriters guarantees you high quality, originality and on-time delivery. Get a Quote

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